Leak Detection and Repairs

Through the years, The Home Doctors have developed a unique Leak Detection and Repair Service based on years of experience and observation

Leak Detection Services and Rates

An initial inspection is conducted for Leak Detection Jobs by first doing a visual inspection, sometimes using a Thermal Imager and moisture meter. This allows us to identify dampness that is not necessarily obvious to the naked eye.

Should the inspection visit not produce the source of the leak, we will schedule a visit to run isolated water testing to help us pinpoint the problem area.

Occasionally, we will apply both methods described above and yet be unable to identify the source of the leak. When this occurs, we must proceed to a process we refer to as “deconstructive research”. This process involves the removal of sheetrock/plaster on the inside and or exterior treatments to try and track the water.

Thank you for your interest in our services. We look forward to doing our very best to resolve your leak issues.

The Home Doctors Inc.

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